Hello! I’m Ji, an anti-disciplinary creative technologist and a farming practitioner living in Brooklyn, NY. As an expert of none and student of many, I’m curious about the worlds of food, farming, climate, design, and technology, and the ways they intersect.

Currently I work at Base Design, making websites, experimenting with AI, building extended realities, and growing Javascript mushrooms. Before that, I was at Pentagram. Before that, Math Practice

I received a graduate degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University, where I studied ~the internet~ and urban agriculture.

My research at NYU asked what food and farming might look like on an uninhabitable Earth. Inspired by Korean ancestral land practices, I explored their potential application for regenerative farming in a deteriorating climate. This project was the recipient of the 2021 Tisch Creative Research Fund.

More recently, I was part of the first Seed to Practice program at Goodlife Community Garden, a part of GROW NYC. Under the guidance of Emilyn Sosa and Kofi Thomas. I immersed myself in Korean herbs, exploring their life cycle from seed to germination to harvest.

This makes me one of the [1] 1.8% of US farmers who identify as Asian. My farming practice is a way of confronting the historic and ongoing exclusion of our community from farming and land ownership. Working against the damage done by policies (like the Chinese exclusion act and other alien land laws), I am passionate about re-establishing our connection to the land. With an emphasis on the strength of collective effort and care, I am hopeful and committed to fostering a more inclusive and diverse agricultural landscape.

My participation in Seed to Practice culminated in a collaboration with Christine Han, where we invited the community to try perilla leaf ice cream, grown from the farm. Earthy, creamy, and delicately sweet, we went on to serve the ice cream at pop ups all across the city. If that makes you hungry, you can get a scoop here!

Recently, I was part of the Space Stories program by Garage Stories and NASA JPL. I was one of 15 creatives and technologists selected from across the US to participate in the program. My research focused on rising sea levels, and ways of leveraging digital storytelling to inform and engage communities.

In the moments between these passions and projects, I love taking long, quiet walks along Breakneck Ridge, consuming unhealthy amounts of conspiracy theories, and calling my mom.

Words edited by Katerina Mery

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